Donate your time and skills to help someone in need.

We are trying to create a global movement that will inspire other dental practitioners to join our movement to provide free dental services for those in need or who have suffered unique hardships.

As a doctor, hygienist or an assistant we could use your help. In return you would get the satisfaction of helping others and some unique training by Dr. Kent and his staff on elite cosmetic training and the TuttleNumbNow anesthesia procedure.

TuttleNumbNow (TNN) is changing forever the way dentistry is practiced. TNN is a revolution, a complete rethinking and retraining of local anesthesia, introduced by Dr. Gregory K. Tuttle.

The system includes a new primary injection of choice for lower posterior teeth replacing the IA nerve block. We know that for some teeth a simple infiltration is adequate, but if a tooth requires more, we’ve developed a step-by-step protocol for local anesthesia.

The TuttleNumbNow system is designed for the most experienced dentist and specialist, down to the recent dental graduate or hygienist. Join us in practicing the most innovative, cost-effective approach to dental anesthesia.

Elite Cosmetic Training

During each smile makeover, a number of procedures may be performed to enhance the overall aesthetic appearance of the teeth and gums, including porcelain veneers, laser gum sculpting, bonding and contouring, and more.