We are excited to share the incredible transformations happening RIGHT NOW! Below, you will fall in love with the inspiring and emotional stories of our Smile Giveaway Contest Winners. Explore the lives that are being changed and learn about their current situations. We hope these stories will touch your heart as deeply as they have touched ours. With your generous contributions, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of these deserving individuals. Feel free to donate to the individual stories that resonate with you or contribute to support them all.

Let’s change the world, one smile at a time together.


MOMnation and The Smile Movement collaborated to find deserving moms in need of a Smile Makeover. MOMnation, a supportive community of over 18,000 moms across multiple states, collaborated with us to surprise three (3) moms in a single day. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and create more smiles for those who truly deserve it.

Nykki Frost: A Resilient Mother Seeking a New Smile

Nykki Frost, a mother of six (6), once radiated a captivating smile. However, her life took a tragic turn as she battled Hyperemesis during three pregnancies. Vomiting over 28 times a day caused her teeth to deteriorate, resulting in the loss of full teeth and enduring malnutrition. Despite Nykki’s strength and love for her children, her oral health became a new obstacle. The financial burden of restoring her teeth proved overwhelming. The Smile Movement recognizes the importance of oral health and has chosen Nykki as a deserving recipient of our life-changing smile makeover program.

Experience Nykki’s remarkable story through her own words. With your generous support we can help Nykki and others like her regain their confidence, and the ability to enjoy life once again.

Let’s restore the power of a smile and positively impact the lives of those most in need.

Rachael: A Survivor’s Journey to Empowerment

Meet Rachael, an incredible domestic abuse survivor who has faced unimaginable challenges. As a devoted mother to five children with special medical needs, Rachael’s life is filled with constant responsibilities. Including blurring out her face on certain videos.

Rachael’s passion for helping others extends beyond her role as a mother. She actively volunteers and advocates for causes she cares deeply about. From organizing blood drives to lending a hand at events, Rachael puts her heart into making a positive impact. However, the absence of her front teeth has affected her self-esteem and made it harder for her to be taken seriously.

Your support can play a vital role in Rachael’s journey to empowerment. By providing the dental care she needs, we can help Rachael regain her smile and boost her confidence. Let’s stand with Rachael as she continues to volunteer and inspire others. Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a meaningful difference in Rachael’s life and help her create a brighter future for her family and those she aims to help.

Amy Taylor: A Comedian Navigating Life’s Dramatic Twists

Amy and her children have faced homelessness on and off for the past five years. She struggles with an auto-immune disease that continues to impact her life and her smile. Her teeth, black and translucent, are deteriorating, affecting her overall health and well-being. As a mother of five children and two grandchildren, Amy desperately needs new teeth.

Despite being a public speaker, Amy endures ridicule from both children and judgmental adults. She is an exceptional mother who faces the heartbreaking choice between providing for her children or taking care of her own dental needs. Despite these challenges, she remains strong, holding her head high and using her sense of humor to bring laughter to others. Amy dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian, and we have the power to help her achieve a better life where she can find more reasons to smile